Sustainable energy

In order to protect natural resources, provide alternative energy and to empower communities, JPEA carries out trainings in renewable energy technologies. These technologies include Bio gas, energy saving stoves, low cost briquetting, and solar energy technologies among others.


JPEA liaises with public health and medical visitors to conduct family planning awareness. To promote and venerable children in our community and people living with HIV and AIDS in order to prolong their life span

Civic Education

JPEA educates and sensitizes the community on property rights such as land and also empower and facilities the community to fully participate in all government development activities. JPEA does this through community gatherings, focus group meetings, seminars among other avenues.

Entrepreneur Development

JPEA undertakes programmes to train the targeted groups of woman, orphans, and windows, the vulnerable, to make hand crafts. The Organisation helps them to buy and market their products and sell them to the market

Sustainable agriculture

80% of Uganda’s population depends on agriculture, however a biggest percentage of this population can not find sufficient food either for consumption or for sell and this is mainly brought about by poor farming techniques. JPEA is building capacity in sustainable agriculture for farmers in target area.